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Who Is Mable Taplin?

Good Day Lovelies!


I’m a world-traveling girl from the south side of Chicago. I realized back in January of 2015 that I wasn’t excited about my life. The truth was that I wasn’t living my life for me. I was living the way that I thought I should be living.

I did all the “right things”, the ‘status quo’-type things. Things like getting a degree, finding a good job, buying a house, buying a car, paying bills, taking care of the family, giving back to the community, going to church, etc. But I was not happy! I was burnt out, depressed and having anxiety attacks. I felt like my soul was dying! That’s when I realized that something needed to change.

So I decided to take a solo journey around the world. I wanted to experience other cultures and I wanted to know what my experiences would be like as an African American woman traveling and residing in foreign countries.

I’m on a life-journey of self discovery, and I encourage you to join me. Whether you are looking to travel the world, move to a different city, or start a business, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Let’s conquer our fears, learn to love ourselves, and discover the true happiness that comes from living life heart-wide-open—a life of FREEDOM, PASSION and PURPOSE. Believe that anything and everything is possible if you’re brave enough to STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and GO FOR IT!



With Love,

Chief Encouragement Officer