Yes Mable! I’m Ready to Design my Dream Life!

Here’s What’s Included in this life changing masterclass:


Over the course of 7 weeks you will participate in 6 live webinars and 2 group coaching calls that will take you through a 3 step formula that will help you clearly define your goals, create an actionable plan and establish accountability.


Each week will have a specific focus:



Week 1: Get your mind Right!

Visualization and Affirmations


Week 2: What is your Why?

Prioritization and Goal setting



Week 3: Where do I start?

Designing the life of my dreams


Week 4: What do I need to have what I want?

Identifying resources

Group Coaching Call



Week 5: What am I doing now?

It’s time to get in action


Week 6: How is what I am doing helping me reach my goal?

Each week you will receive an email from me containing the link for the upcoming webinar for that week. You will also receive a link to download the slides and worksheets for that week.

I’m really excited that you have decided that you are worth the investment of just