25 Things True Girlfriends Will Do!

25 Things True Girlfriends Will Do!

I have a confession; I’ve never been on the Real Housewives bandwagon. I know some of my girlfriends love the shows, but quite frankly I get a headache by even listening to all of the drama amongst the women.

I can’t imagine how I would respond to any of my girlfriends or frenemies if they acted like some of the characters on those shows. I recently overheard a woman describe how she just couldn’t “do” females. She was in an in-depth conversation with another woman who nodded in agreement with her as she described all the reasons why she could not be a friend to or hang with women.

As I eavesdropped on her conversation, I could not help but to think about if this woman knew how to be a friend, let alone attract the kind of women that would be a true girlfriend to her.  I’ve been fortunate in these last few months to reflect on the awesomeness of my girlfriend circle.

Below are 25 things that my girlfriends and I do for each other.

  1. Giggles with you at inappropriate things.
  2. Apologizes when she is wrong.
  3. Does not see you as her competition.
  4. Shows up early to an event you’re hosting and jumps right in to help.
  5. Offers you a place to stay when you come to town.
  6. Offers you her car to drive when you don’t one.
  7. Pray for you.
  8. Calls or texts in the middle of the night when she feels like you need someone to talk to.
  9. Holds your hand when a loved one dies.
  10. Comes over to clean your house when you can’t.
  11. Listens to you when you rant about the disappointments of life.
  12. Volunteers to babysit or parent sit when you need a break.
  13. Cheers for you when you have a success
  14. Tells you when she thinks you are wrong, but never condemns you in front of others.
  15. Sits in the same room in silence while having a whole conversation with just looks.
  16. Visits your parents or loved one when they are ill.
  17. Buys you things that she thinks you might like when she is out shopping.
  18. Supports your business.
  19. Picks up your kids and loves on them when you are traveling.
  20. Trusts your intentions.
  21. Dances with you when ya’ll song come on.
  22. Let’s you be unapologetically you.
  23. Do that one thing that she knows you like to do, but is not her favorite.
  24. See you without lipstick and offers you her own.
  25. Does not keep count of deeds.


Ladies, I believe in my heart that life is to be lived in community. I believe that women hold the key to helping ourselves and our daughters live happy and healthy lives. But we have to be willing to extend ourselves and be vulnerable to each other.

I’m a living witness that life is richer and fuller when you have a couple of girlfriends to walk with you on your journey! I was fortunate to have 17 girlfriends join me in touring Vietnam to celebrate my fortieth birthday this past two weeks. Each of them holds a very special place in my heart.  

I can honestly say that I embrace the Bantu Proverb Ubuntu which means I am because you are! I am secure in my womanhood because I have been loved by women. I hope you will be inspired to prioritize developing real relationships with women.

I would love to help you develop relationships with women from all over the world.

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  • Mariya
    Posted at 00:27h, 17 September Reply

    Well said. I too proudly believe that I am because she is. Thanks for sharing this. I truly admire your work and the life you’re living.

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