10 Things I’d Tell Myself at 25

10 Things I’d Tell Myself at 25

When I was 20, I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me how much I’d grow by the time I turned 25.

When you’re young, that five year gap represents a large portion of your life. Even knowing that we don’t really think about how much we grow from day to day as we evolve into older versions of ourselves. It feels like a slow process in the moment, but in reality we’re changing so fast we can’t see it clearly!

We learn a lot in a short time during our twenties. If the first half was about enjoying myself, the second half was about learning to make investments and use my time wisely. I think I needed to use the confidence I was developing to prepare for my future a little better.

Things I would tell to my 25 year old self:

  1. You do not need those $1000 boots. Instead save to buy real estate all over the world.
  2. Buy the Subway franchise! You can learn to be an entrepreneur as you go.
  3. You don’t have to date a minister to prove your commitment to God.
  4. Take a year to travel abroad.
  5. Don’t waste time trying to be perfect. Focus on your strengths and let your weaknesses work themselves out.
  6. Trust your judgment! You are wiser than you give yourself credit for.
  7. Purchase a whole life insurance policy. You can afford it!
  8. Don’t worry! Your mother is gone, but God has more than filled the void with the love of women all over the world! Literally, just wait and see!
  9. Don’t work so much! Live a little!
  10. When you say goodbye to a man, SAY GOODBYE! No second, third and fourth chances! If he did not think enough of you to commit the first time, he damn sho ain’t gonna change by the third time


When I founded DiscovHer Life LLC, I was making moves with these things in mind. But at age 25,  I believed that the more money I spent on my clothes, shoes and make up the more valuable or attractive I would be to men. (Seriously, girl, put the boots down!)

[bctt tweet=”I was dating for the wrong reasons, thinking I had something to prove that only having a man could accomplish.” username=”MableT”]

I was so worried about opportunities at 25 that I ended up missing out on the opportunities I was worried about!. Spending too much time in my head made my dreams shrink to ideas, things I could’ve and should’ve had but didn’t.

I wanted security but I didn’t realize that I would only find that security in myself and my own experiences.

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I don’t regret the way I spent my time at 25, but… By pouring myself into work and living by the formula society lays out for us, I was missing out on getting to know myself and getting to know the world.

I’d love to hear what you would tell your 25 year old self.  Please share in the comments.  Also share with a 25 year old.

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  • Marilyn Jackson-Smith
    Posted at 12:19h, 17 August Reply

    Your mama would be so PROUD of you baby, because when she was with us I saw the shine in her eyes when she talked about you. Love you and glad I found you and your brothers again stay in touch.

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