21 Things that I do to Prepare for a Long Flight!

My first flight on my round the world journey was from Chicago, IL to Sydney, Australia. The flight time including a short layover in Los Angeles was 23 hours. This was the longest flight of my life. Luckily I was well prepared. In fact, 23 hours went by pretty quick. I’ve taken several long flights since then. I’d like to say that I’ve become an expert on how to not be miserable on a long flight! Below are some of the strategies that I use to help make long flights more enjoyable.


What I wear:


1. Loose clothing- Think yoga pants and t-shirt. I prefer yoga pants because they look less sporty than regular jogging pants. I wear t-shirts, typically a dark color.


2. A sweater or jacket. A sweater or jacket gives you flexibility in case the temperature changes.


3. Comfortable shoes that are easily removable. Your feet can swell when in flight. Removing your shoes can give you relief.


4. Support stockings. Support stockings help to prevent blood clots from developing in your legs. They also help keep swelling down.


5. Simple Jewelry. I keep my jewelry really simple when I’m flying long distances. Mostly, because I plan to be sleep a good amount of the flight. I don’t want to worry about misplacing my jewelry.


What I do for entertainment:


1. Download movies or TV series to catch up on. You can do this with Netflix or Amazon Prime. I literally calculate the number of movies I’m going to download by the flight. I have a whole entertainment game plan! I typically download 6-8 movies. (They have decent movies on the plane, but sometimes I like to watch what I want.)


2. Make a special music playlist. For me it’s Chicago-style house music all night long. Music is a great soother and distractor. Put on your favorite jams and watch the time fly by!


3. Download a few games on a tablet or smart phone. Games are great attention keepers. My favorites are Three’s and Solitaire.


What’s in my Carry-on:


1. Passport, Extra Visa Photos, Important Documents. (proof of vaccinations, emergency contact info.)


2. Hand Sanitizer/Wet Wipes.


3. Medicine bag. I typically stock my medicine bag with over the counter pain pills and an antihistamine. (Be sure to check the laws of the country that you will be visiting to make sure that the medications that you are packing are legal to carry in that country.)


4. A natural herb relaxer. (Valerian root, Blue Vervain) Is nice to have just in case you can’t fall asleep.


5. A liter of water (Purchased at the airport.) Flying is dehydrating to the body.


6. My own snacks. (Trail mix, Cheese, fruit or sandwhich) You never know if the flights are delayed or if the vendors will be open when you arrive at your destination.


7. Tooth brush and Toothpaste and Face Cloth. These are not necessary if you are flying business class or first class. However, most of my travel is in economy. My mother always use to say, “You gotta wash yo face to get the sleep outta yo eyes!”


8. Tablet, Headphones, laptop, USB chord for phone, power box, camera, and portable hard drive.


9. A scarf, extra socks. The temperature can change quickly on planes. I also use my scarf to cover my face while I am sleeping.


10. Neck Pillow/eye mask. It’s nice to have support for your neck, especially if you are seated in a middle seat.


11. Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Petty Cash—I don’t make it a habit of ordering the currency of the country. However, if I am going to a country that I am unfamiliar with I will change over a small amount at the airport.


12. Breath Mints or Chewing Gum. These are great to relieve inner ear pressure from flying.


13. Tea bags. I have favorite teas that I carry with me at all times.


Do you have any items that you must have for every flight? Share below!


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